Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a healing practice for the body, mind and spirit, the healing benefits of which affect our entire planet. Whether you are in rehabilitation or in a physical or emotional state of suffering and pain, yoga therapy offers a holistic treatment approach.

It is a practice that addresses the complexity of a client’s individual needs. It is practiced in conjunction with a broad base of experts with whom the yoga therapist collaborates and consults.

Collaboration is also a critical factor in the relationship between the client and yoga therapist. The number of sessions and the modality of treatment begins with the process of a thorough assessment. A process then takes place to promote positive lifestyle changes that lead to a healing that affects the very essence of a person’s being.

Yoga therapy offers physical, emotional and spiritual healing as well as personal growth while promoting compassion, mindfulness and a process that leads to a more meaningful life.


If nothing else, my life has taught me one thing:
The mind and body that I have
are the only mind and body that I have.
They deserve my attention.

—Matthew Sanford in Waking